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Medicinal Herbs - Tiliacora Triandra (200 Fresh Leaves)
Medicinal Herbs - Tiliacora Triandra (200 Fresh Leaves)

Medicinal Herbs - Tiliacora Triandra (200 Fresh Leaves)

All natural, no chemical grown in Florida, USA.

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Tiliacora Triandra - Anti Inflammatory Herbs

Tiliacora Triandra (or Bai-Yanang) (dây sương sâm) In traditional Southeast Asian medicine, it has been used as a herbal medicine for fever relief, anti-inflammation, antioxidant, and anti-bacterial. Yanang leaves contain polyphenols, flavonoids, alkaloids, B-carotene and minerals such as calcium and iron." Tiliacora Triandra (or Bai-Yanang)

- Antioxidant and lessening free radical damage
- Anti-inflammatory activity
- Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal
- Reduce internal organ inflammation

Research from Mahidol University, Thailand have found that Bai-Yanang have enriched with numerous nutrition more than 10 kinds. The most enrich nutrients include Fiber, Calcium, Iron, B-carotene, Vitamin-A, Vitamin-C, and Phosphorus.

Yanang juice can be extracted with water by using both hands rubbing on leaves back and forth until all the Chlorophyll in the leaves are out in the water to produce “detox drink”. This drink is very refreshing, and has a cool property, believing that could heal so many kinds of illness.

Alternative medicine practitioners in Southeast Asia have used its leaves extracted for natural healing to treat some illness such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, weight loss, migraine, acid reflux, sinus, allergy and many more. From Eastern medicine philosophy believe that the illness causing by unbalance of “Yin-Yang energy”. The body could have too much “Yang energy” due to eating unhealthy diet, stress, lack of sleep, less exercise, social activities etc. To heal the illness, one should add more “Yin energy” to bring body to balance, which is eating healthy diet, less stress, practicing slow kinds of exercise. There are so many successful proven stories behind the use of Yanang from those practitioners. When the body is unbalanced between "warm" and "cool" many health problems can arise.

Alternative practitioners also suggested that “Yanang”, classified as a "cooling" herb, could be used to adjust balance between "warm or Yang" and "cool or Yin" of body or relieve symptom or heal some illness for the followings.

- skin disorders
- blisters and wounds in the oral cavity
- snoring, dry mouth, dry lips
- early change in hair colour to grey or white
- varicose veins, small blood vessels burst (spider
veins) under the skin
- bruises and blue or black spots under the skin, changes in
skin tone similar to burnt skin
- abscesses, lymph gland malfunction
- painful swelling along the body or on the joints
- tense muscles, muscles sensitive to the touch, muscle
- constipation, hard and dry stool alternating with diarrhea
- abnormally little amount of urine with dark color,
- frequent urination, blood mixed with urine, nocturnal
- urination need, mostly between midnight and 2 am
- burning sensation in the stomach, sometimes accompanied with stomach gas
- hot breath, sticky phlegm
- drowsiness when traveling in a car
- nose bleeding
- sleepy after meals
- inability to fully raise an arm to highest position due to a locked shoulder
- unhealthy nails, brittle, brown or black nail discoloration
- dizziness, fainting, nausea
- Other Illnesses - cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, migraine, acid reflux, sinus, allergy, tumor, gallbladder stone, thyroid disease, stomach ulcer, Hepatitis, kidney failure, Cystitis etc

Credit: Mor Kaew

Tiliacora Triandra for diabetes

The herb has cool properties so it could help to reduce blood sugar in the blood system. Diabetic patients has produced too much acids in the body, therefore the body stops producing insulin. As the insulin helps to turn sugar into energy, when the body has high acidic, it stops converting sugar into energy, so patients accumulating high sugar levels into the body overtime. Drinking Tiliacora would help to reduce the acidic in the body and cool the body system down. When the body has less acidic, the insulin will resume the normal function. Therefore, Yanang would help to bring back balance for diabetes patients.

  • Take 8-9 leaves, rinse well and use blender to blend them with 1 1/2 cup of water. Use strainer to filter fiber out. Could also add 1-2 teaspoons of honey to add favor for the juice. Drink when the stomach is empty 2-3 times a day. Can reproduce more juice by using already blended leaves, add water blend it until green cholophyll color faded.

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