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Medicinal Plants - Laurel Clockvine (Thunbergia laurifolia) (3 plants)
Medicinal Plants -  Laurel Clockvine (Thunbergia laurifolia) (3 plants)

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Medicinal Plants - Laurel Clockvine (Thunbergia laurifolia) (3 plants)

All natural, no chemical grown in Florida, USA.

One set of the product includes three plants of Thunbergia laurifolia.

All plants will be shipped bare roots (wrap with sphagnum moss)

Special shipping/packing/handling for 3 plants is $16.

Live plants, no return, refund or replacement for this item.

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Thunbergia Laurifolia - Medicinal Plants - Anti-Inflammatory, Reduce Hazard Toxin

Thunbergia laurifolia Linn possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well as anticancer activities. Researchers has found that fresh and dried Rang Chuet solutions clearly reduced the inflammatory cells in both O. viverrini-infected and NDMA-administered groups and was correlated with the total antioxidant capacity. These findings suggest that T. laurifolia possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Laurel Clock Vine (Thunbergia laurifolia) or so called "Ran-Chuet" in Thai language is the plant that used for antidote for a long time. The antidote activity of Thunbergia laurifolia is very broad which can neutralize pesticides, venom from plant and animals and other chemical poisons. Thunbergia laurifolia also reduces the inflammation as well and more effective than Mangosteen twice times and safer too. Most of antidote mechanism of Thunbergia laurifolia is anti-oxidative activity and it has active ingredients that can neutralize the toxins before they will react with cells.


- Anti-oxidative activity

- Neutralizes toxins and reduces the hazard from toxins

- Anti-diabetic activity

- Anti-inflammatory

- Hepatoprotective effect

- Treats drug addiction

- Antimutagenicity

Method of Use:

- Leaves and root can be used to boil and drink. Can sun dry the leaves, grind and make tea power from the leaves

- Bring 10-15 leaves to boil in 10 liter of water to reduce rashes, skin diseases. Use the water to shower 5-7 days

- Bring 5-10 leaves to grind and blend with a glass of water. Filter the fiber out and drink

- Bring leaves to sun dry, grind as powder before using for tea powder

- Can extract color of flowers by boiling the water and

  • The amount of consumption may vary by the body size (bigger build, needs more). For cancer herbal supplements or other illness, it is recommend to make green fresh juice. Take 10 leaves and blend with a cup of water, then filter the fiber out and drink the green juice. For the best result... eat when empty stomach twice a day for at least 3 weeks to two months. Healthy diet will also compliment while drinking this green juice.

    They grow fast in warm weather/well-drained soil. The plant will die down if the temperature drop below 40F but will grow back when Spring arrives. Water daily or when the soil dry.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent and disease.

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