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Medicinal Plants - Beijing Grass (3 bunches)
Medicinal Plants - Beijing Grass (3 bunches)

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Medicinal Plants - Beijing Grass (3 bunches)

All natural, no chemical grown in Florida, USA.

One Set of the product includes three fresh bunches of Beijing Grass (1 set = 3 bunches)

All plants will be shipped bare roots (wrap with sphagnum moss).

Special shipping/packing/handling for these 1 set is $17.

Live plants, no return, refund, or replacement for this item.

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Beijing Grass

Beijing Grass, or Angel Grass or "Ya pak king", also known as "Ya thevada", originated in Southern China and is abundant in northern Thailand. In Traditional Used, the fresh leaves of M. Loriformis has been used extensively to treat various kind of cancer including those of liver, stomach, intestines, uterus, breast, lung as well as leukemia. It has alos been shown that this kind of grass helps to boost immune system, heal respiratory diseases, loosen the muscus, fight cold, cough and allergy, reduce swollen lymph gland, heal bad lymph and inflamed wounds. It is also said to be able to reduce blood sugar levels. The grass is considered a safe medicine by the World Herbal Organisation's herbal standards to build up immune system, antioxidant, Lymphoma, quick recover after the radiation treatment or chemotherapy, as it helps to detox your entire body system.

Medicinal Benefits of Beijing Grass in Cancer Treatment

Beijing Grass is enriched with Flavonoids and Syringic Acid which prevents free radicals to destroy cells. Normally we consume the entire bunches of Beijing Grass to cut and blend with water and filter the fresh juice to drink.

From Reseach found out that Glycosphinogolipid or(G1b) in Beijing Grass has chemical that stimulate immune system to stop the growing of cancerous cell. To improve immunity and body condition to enable the body to resist cancer, Angle Grass suppresses cancer cells and strengthens normal cells at the same time. It helps to improve the effectiveness and reduce the side effects of both the radiation and chemotherapy when combined with conventional treatment.

Angle Grass promotes the growth and development of white blood cells which improve the body's immune system. It has a healing effect on the kidneys and spleen. It is beneficial for some high blood pressure patients whereby the kidneys are not regulating the body fluids properly.

For more details, please review the extended information.
  • Eat Fresh - Take 4-5 stems of each, rinse well and eat the whole stems and leaves. The amount of consumption may vary by the body size (bigger build, needs more). For the best result....eact when empty stomach twice a day for at least 3 weeks to two months. If you have allergy or muscus, it is recommended to eat the grass and chew it throughly 4-5 stems or more as you want. Some people will feel their music is loosen after taking it right away, and some may take longer. For immune strengthen patients, it is recommended to eat fresh leaves and stems for maximum benefit and to relieve uncomfortable and burn due to chemotherapy or radiation.

    Drink Up - To make green juice take about 7-10 stems, tear them into small pieces and put them into blender. For one serving, add 1-1/2 cup of clean water and use high power blender to blend it, and filter the leaves out from the juice. Can add some warm water if prefer to drink warm juice. The fresh juice should be consumed right away. For best results, drink the green juice twice a day in the morning and evening, before meals.

    To Grow - put 3-5 stick with root in potting soil. Can add some nature/organic fertilizer. They grow fast in warm weather/well-drained sold in partial shade area. Partial shade is approximately 2-3 hours of sun per day in a given location. Partial shaded sites receive both sun and shade at various intervals. The plant may die down if the temperatures drop below 40F. Water 3 times a week or when the soil dry.

    Warnings: This herb has "cool" properties. If the body is feeling too cold, stop taking it for a week and resume it later. Avoid taking this herb with medicines that contains steroids. It is recommended not to eat seafoods, or shell or eat less during taking the herbs for maximum benefits.

    **These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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