Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Product of ECA Xtreme, Black Widow

ECA Xtreme contains a trio formulation that represents the powerful fat-burning stack found in many top formulas over the past 15 years, like in Stacker 2, Ripped Fuel, Thermadrene, Dymetadrine, and others. Ephedra + Caffeine + Aspirin = Results! the ECA Stack was used by millions of dieters to help shed unwanted pounds, while keeping hard-earned muscle intact. ECA Xtreme is the “ECA Stack” with the addition of DMAA, Acacia extract, theobromine, synephrine, and other Weight loss & Energy compounds. Anyone who has ever tried an ECA Stack will love ECA Xtrme. the fabled ECA Stack is back and it just got EXTREME!

Black Widow is also new wicked Hi-Tech Diet & Energy aid designed to assassinate your weight, while lighting your on fire! this is undoubtedly the strongest stimulant ever conceived! Black Widow contains DMAA + 25 mg of ThermoZ brand ephedra extract, along with 200 mg of caffeine, 25 mg of synephrine, theobromine, EGCG, yohimbine, Acacia extract with phenylethylamine alkaloids, and chromium. Black Widow is for the stimulant “connoisseur” and not for the weak at heart! Black Widow is meant to “crank up” the energy volume and help get you shredded!