Benefits of a powerful herb - Cordyceps to our body

Cordyceps sinensis, cordyceps sinensis is a complex of the larvae stroma and larvae on the dead body in hepialidae insect by ergot fungus cordyceps division, is a precious traditional Chinese tonic herbs, tonifying kidney yang, invigorating lung and yin, there is regulation of the immune system function, anti-tumor, anti-fatigue, anti-bacterial, and other sedative-hypnotic effects. Traditional medicine, "new Materia Medica" record: "Sweet and warm, Secret essence and good for breath, special supplement life-gate.

Chemical composition
Cordycepin - deoxyadenosine, human interferon genes, the content of 7 ‰, which is the vivo genetic material of body's effective operation, genetically manipulated cells, along the genetic code benign operation which our ancestors left us, interference rna, dna synthesis, control abnormal gene cells (cancer cell, disease cell) division, clear, non-self recognition and elimination of macromolecular material, prevent the virus particles, cells in the cell replication, to improve their stability and monitoring capabilities, to eliminate tumor cell function. Effectively reduce cholesterol levels; effectively reduce and control the body's absorption of fat; effectively lower blood pressure, blood lipids, to prevent thrombosis; effectively inhibit platelet aggregation, prevent thrombosis.

Cordyceps polysaccharides - the immune enhancer which recognized by international medical community, the content of 9 to 11%, no side effects, multi-function, to adjust the role of characteristics, not only for infectious diseases, the treatment of immune diseases, also for non-communicable immunity (allergy, autoimmune diseases, immune deficiencies and blood, transplantation, cancer and other diseases) of disease and health. Normal cells are strengthened to resist the erosion of carcinogens, enhance the body resistance to diseases, anti-radiation effect.

Enzymes - superoxide dismutase, levels higher three times more than the natural cordyceps, known as the "beauty experts" called, the body can effectively purify the blood, enhance the body cell activity, scavenging free radicals, the degradation of fat, improve blood oxygen, and resist a variety of blood diseases, the basic functions of the endocrine mediation, eliminate age spots, melasma, acne.
Cordyceps acid - that is, d - mannitol, content of 4.5% to 7%, and the essential drugs in treatment of patients with cerebrovascular disease, with anti-free radical, dilation of blood vessels, reducing blood pressure.

Nucleotide - inhibit platelet aggregation, prevent thrombosis, eliminate melasma, age spots, acne, cosmetic skin, anti-wrinkle.
Organic selenium – the anti-cancer element recognized by international medical community, known as the " Anticancer King," is the core material of enzyme glutathione; can make the sod enzyme activity increased by 30% or more; effective adsorption of heavy metals - lead, mercury, arsenic, toxic hazards of pesticide residue on the body; can make dry and wrinkled skin smooth and moist, scorched dry hair become black light.
Rich in protein and nineteenth-amino acids, eight vitamins, including: VE were higher than mushrooms, VA 13 times higher than the pork liver, VB2 is 4.038 times that of ginseng, VC is eight times the mushrooms, ergot fat alcohol, six-carbon sugar alcohol, a variety of alkaloids, etc. - nutrition epidermal cells, regulate the skin cell metabolism, increase skin cell activity, nutrition, skin, anti-wrinkle, beauty.

Pharmacological effects
First, the regulation of the immune system function
Immune system equivalent to the human immune system army, against internal tumors, clear aging, necrotic tissue, foreign fight viruses, bacteria and other microbial infections. Tumor cells mutations in the human body every day possible. The normal human immune system can escape the bad luck of the tumor, the immune system problems, they might develop into tumor. Cordyceps sinensis on the immune system such as adjusting the volume, it is made in the best condition. It can not only increase the immune system cells, number of organizations, to promote antibody production, increased phagocytosis, killing cells and enhance their capabilities, but also can reduce certain immune cell function.

Second, the direct anti-tumor effect
Cordyceps sinensis extract inhibited with a clear, anti-tumor effect in vitro. Cordyceps sinensis contains cordycepin, it is the main ingredients in anti-tumor effect.
Clinical use cordycepin for the adjuvant treatment of Malignant tumor, symptoms improved in 91.7% and more; mainly used for nasal cancer, throat cancer, lung cancer, leukemia, brain cancer and other cancer patients. The content of cordyceps acid in cordyceps militaris is 3.09 grams to 5.54 grams of wild cordyceps, cordyceps acid is a D - mannitol, mannitol can increase the plasma osmotic pressure, leading to organization of water into the blood vessels, thereby reducing edema , added plasma.

Third, improve cellular energy, fatigue resistance
Cordyceps can improve the body's energy factories - mitochondrial energy, improve the body ability to cold-resistant, to reduce fatigue.

Fourth, adjust the cardiac function
Cordyceps can improve cardiac hypoxia tolerance, reducing the heart's oxygen consumption, anti-arrhythmic.

Fifth, regulation of liver function
Cordyceps reduce toxic substances damage the liver and against liver fibrosis. In addition, by regulating the immune function, enhance the anti-virus capabilities, to play a beneficial role of viral hepatitis.

Sixth, adjust the function of the respiratory system
Cordyceps has the function of expansive of the bronchial, relieve asthma, expectorant, to prevent the effects of emphysema.

Seven, regulation of renal function
Cordyceps can reduce chronic kidney disease and improve kidney function, reduce toxic substances damage to the kidneys.

Eight, regulation of hematopoietic function
Cordyceps can enhance the bone marrow to produce platelets, red blood cells and white blood cells ability.

Nine, regulate blood fat
Cordyceps can reduce blood cholesterol and triglycerides, raise HDL beneficial to human body, reducing atherosclerosis.
Cordyceps also has a direct antiviral, regulating the central nervous system function, sexual function and so on. Cordyceps can play as the human body

Credit to: Vencure Co., Thailand