Battle Cancer Cell Naturally

Did you know that it is not necessary to kill cancer cells because cancer cells can be reverted into healthy cells? You probably think this is impossible because cancer is caused by DNA damage. Nope. DNA damage cannot occur until after the cell is already cancerous. Therefore the cancerous cell can also be reverted.

I came across this book and read review about it. And I would like to recommend for the cancer patients to incorporate this diet along with the current medical care they are receiving. The books also recommend for lifestyle changes apply to everyone whether you're battling cancer or not.

Hope cancer patients find this book as useful as a reviewer that has his life changed since having brain cancer back in 2009. After following the diet on this book, his tumor is shrinking and in stage of regression 2013 and continue to shrink in 2014.

Anticancer has been a bestselling since it first published in fall 2008. It addresses current developments in cancer research and offers more tips on how people living with cancer can fight it and how healthy people can prevent it. The book includes:

• The latest research on anticancer foods, including new alternatives to sugar and cautions about some that are now on the market.

• New information about how vitamin D strengthens the immune system.

• Warnings about common food contaminants that have recently been proven to contribute to cancer progression.

• A new chapter on mind-body approaches to stress reduction, with recent studies that show how our reactions to stress can interfere with natural defenses and how friendships can support healing in ways never before understood.

• A groundbreaking study showing that lifestyle modification.