January 2014

Newly published research paper: Modified Arabinoxylan from Rice Bran, known as MGN-3/ BioBran, Sensitizes Metastatic Breast Cancer Cells to Paclitaxel In Vitro

A research group at Drew University and others reported that BioBran sensitizes metastatic breast cancer cells to Paclitaxel, an anticancer agent, in vitro. This study was published in “Anticancer Research”, January 2014.

Previous studies have shown that BioBran sensitizes human breast cancer cells to daunorubicin. This study demonstrates BioBran sensitizes human breast cancer cells to paclitaxel, showing that BioBran may be an effective adjuvant for the drug.

Alternative therapies have recently garnered increasing attention because they may reduce the toxicity of chemotherapy by lowering the drug dosage, while maintaining potency against cancer cells. Ongoing research is expected to reveal a wider range of BioBran’s functions.