Tiliacora Triandra Herbal Medicinal Plant

Tiliacora Triandra Extract

Tiliacora triandra is a species of flowering plant native to mainland Southeast Asia and used particularly in the cuisines of northeast Thailand and Laos. In the Isan dialect of Lao, the language of northeastern Thailand, it is called bai yanang or bai ya nang, literally "yanang leaf"), or simply yanang or ya nang. In Laos, it is also called bai yanang In It is a climbing plant with deep green leaves and yellowish flowers, tolerating only very mild frost.

In traditional Southeast Asian medicine, it has been used as an herbal medicine for fever relief, alcohol intoxication, anti-inflammation, antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti-bacterial. Yanang leaves contain polyphenols, flavenoids, alkaloids, B-carotene and minerals such as calcium and iron." Old called this plants "Ten Thousand Years, You Won't Get Old" because they are so many beneficial to the body and they believe that it could help so many aliments. The Plant takes longer than one year for its leaves to grow and have enough medicinal properties.

- Antioxidant and lessening free radical damage
- Anti-inflammatory activity.
- Reduces, risk of cancer and tumor formation
- Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal.
- Reduce Blood Pressure
- Reduce Blood Sugar

Most customers have been drinking her Bai-Ya-Nang juice. Only positive results have been experienced to date The same can be said of her many customers according to the ongoing feedback received. This is not to say that Bai-Yanang is suited for everyone as each person has different needs and body chemistry. Past customers all feedback has been positive, or at worst neutral. Long term health issues normally do not clear up overnight. A change of diet and lifestyle and proper rest may be necessary in combination with healthy herbs to bring your body back to a healthy state.

How to make way your own Ya-nang juice.

First, washing Ya-nang leaves 2-3 times.
Then use hot water (boiled) 1 pot and put the leaves in the water.
After that start to crush the leaves which you can see the water is changing the color to green. Crushing the leaves until the water turned to dark green and the color on the leaves are disappeared.

You can either drink it like that or you can mix honey or sugar to reduce the rank odor of the Ya-nang.

It can be stored it in the refrigerator for a week. And you can drink the juice everyday.
However, everything has its harmful so don't drink it too much as water. Your body still need PURE WATER.

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