Coffee Enema

Enemas are an ancient form of hydrotherapy. They have been used for thousands of years for mechanically cleansing the colon.

Enemas and colonic irrigation were used routinely in hospitals.

Dr. Gerson, founder of Gerson Institution pioneered nutritional Gerson therapy for cancer and other diseases with excellent results. His therapy combined coffee enemas with a special diet, juices and other supplements. The enemas were an integral part of the therapy.


The major benefit of the coffee enema, according to Dr. Gerson, is to enhance the elimination of toxins through the liver. Indeed, endoscopic studies confirm that the coffee enema increases bile output.

To test this idea, a patient was given a coffee enema while an endoscope (a thin tube with a camera on the end to view the intestine) monitored the entrance to the common bile duct. Within minutes of administering the enema, bile flow increased.

Increased bile flow also alkalinizes the small intestine and promotes improved digestion. Coffee also acts as an astringent in the large intestine, helping clean the colon walls.

A common contributor to ill health is the production and absorption of toxins within the small and large intestines. If food is not digested properly, sugars ferment and protein putrefies or rots. Both processes generate toxic chemicals, which are then absorbed into the liver.

The coffee enema enhances digestion by increasing bile flow and removes toxins in the large intestine so they will not be absorbed. Most people with health complaints suffer from impaired digestion and excessive production of toxic substances in the intestines.

Every 3 mins of retaining coffee into your colon, the toxins will be transferred from liver through vein blood system to your colon and will be removed when you flush into toilet.

It also helps for patients who have back pain, breathing problems and may help with for weight loss.

Steps to do Coffee Enema

First off you will need to purchase an enema kit, you can buy a traveller's kit or something a bit more robust such as the plastic bucket type kits. I prefer the traveller's kit as its easy to store and discreet for travelling. You can order these kits online. (I bought mine here.)

Buy some premium ground ORGANIC coffee beans and keep them in the freezer until you need to use the coffee.

Ideally do your coffee enema after a bowel movement, so you can retain the coffee for longer. So mornings are best for most people. If you are constipated, do the enema anyway; this will get things moving nicely!

Boil 3 cups of Filtered water and added 2 tbs of coffee in the coffee press, when the water is boiled, pour water into the coffee press. Brewed about 5 mins, and remove the coffee and pour into a jar. Let the coffee cool down for hours or until at room temperature. Hint: You can put a jar onto a pot of water, so the coffee will cool down faster. You can test this by placing a clean finger into the coffee; it will be neither hot nor cold. Too cold coffee, may cause you cannot hold for long time.

Set up a space and something comfortable for you to lie down on. It is recommended to set the lie down inside toilet. Hint: Be near a toilet and use an old towel as you sometimes may get slight coffee leakage. Grab a pillow and some reading material as you will be here for approximately 12 to 15 minutes or less.

Now assemble your enema kit. It must have a tube and nozzle attached to the bucket or bag. Put it somewhere and make sure it's at least 1 meter above ground.

There will an attachment near the nozzle that allows you to stop or start the flow of coffee once you have poured it into the bag or bucket. Ensure this is in the off position before pouring the coffee into the bag!

Once the coffee is in the bag or bucket hold tube and nozzle over sink or shower plug and turn it on and allow the coffee to run through the tube until there are no air bubbles. Stop the flow again once this is done.

Grab some lubricated jelly and apply to the nozzle for ease of insertion. Lie down on your towel on your right hand side with your knees drawn up.

Insert the nozzle till it's about 1 inch inside the rectum. Turn on the flow of coffee slowly until the bag or bucket is emptied.

Now you can either remain lying on your right side or lie on your back with your feet up above head level or feet resting against a wall above head level. You can even do some yogi moves like a shoulder stand or a half plough type position, this helps get the coffee moving round nicely, you may also hear some funny squirting noises from your tummy, this is a good sign and an indication of the bile being stimulated for release.

Try to retain the enema for 12 to 15 minutes. You may feel some strong urges to go to the toilet, especially the first few times you try this. Try to hold on for as long as you can, quite often the sensations pass. As you do them more regularly you will be able to retain for longer. 15 minutes max is all you need. Please do not go over the time as it may cause abdominal pain. If you have tried a coffee enema for the first time, you may not be able to retain it for 12 mins. You will be able to increase the holding period after you it for a couple of times. When you are ready to release head to the toilet and let it go.

To keep your enema kit in tip-top shape clean with a mild detergent and ensure everything is dry before packing away.

Coffee enemas are very safe and are sometimes taken up to 6 times a day in chronically ill patients. If you are healing, on a detox program, or cleansing, I recommend daily enemas. For maintenance, I recommend weekly enemas.
However, it is recommended to take probiotics after finishing each time coffee enema to add digestive bacteria to your colon.

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