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Aimmura Sesamin Black Sesame 60 capsules
Aimmura Sesamin Black Sesame 60 capsules

Aimmura Sesamin Black Sesame 60 capsules

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Aimmura Sesamin Black Sesame - boost Immune system

Sesamin is researched and developed by Assoc. Professor Dr. Prachya Kongtawelert, Ph.D. in Chiengmai University, Thailand. The result from the research in the lab test showed that the black sesame extracted Sesamin can slow the growth of cancer cells, especially brain cancer cells, brain diseases i.e alzheimers, osteoporosis and help the patients to function better after taking the sesame extracted along with medical treatments.

In some cases, taking Sesamin supplements can benefit other kinds of cancers as well including Leukemia, bone cancer, brain cancers. Moreover, there are some other mechanisms in Sesamin in place which seems promising (protecting against Parkinson's Disease as well as promotion of bone mass). Aimmura Sesamin, supplement that is great for brain cancer and other brain diseases.

Expected Benefits:
1. Help to slow down deterioration of nervous system cells
2. Anti-Inflammatory
3. Be an antioxidant itself and increase vitamin E absorption
4. Liver detoxification and cancer prevention - the powerful high antioxidant in sesame seeds was shown to cleanse the harmful toxins. Provide liver protection against alcohol and improve liver function
5. Decrease cholesterol levels, while increasing high density lipoprotein (HDL) "good cholesterol"
6. Antihypertensive
7. Promote bone health as sesame are rich source of calcium. Calcium is essential for strong healthy bones and an adequate dietary intake of can help in prevention of osteoporosis.

What are the Ingredients:
1. Black Sesame Powder
2. Black Rice Bran Powder
3. Rice Powder PCR

How long does it take to see the results?
After taking Sesamin for 2-3 months or longer, most patients will start to experience improving in physical movement in body and brain function and health improvement. Results may vary depending on the individual.

Can we take Sesamin while we are getting other treatments?
Patients can take Sesamin while they are receiving other medical treatments and it would be compliment to each other as research example shown.

Guarantee Quality Product: Received World Intellectual Property Organization's patent, covered 78 countries around the world Patenet WO 2011/31237 A1. FDA number 12-1-1-5150-0105.

Imported product of Thailand, manufacturer by Aiyara Planet

Testimonials from patient
"I have been diagnosis with several kinds of cancer - brain, lung, and bone cancers. I have several operations to remove my tumor in lung, and brain. After I had radiation to treat the brain cancer area. One side of my legs was getting weaker. After I had MRI brain to check up, Dr. told me it could be the results from brain radiation. He told me to follow up with scan in next 3 months. I was worried. Then I did my research and found that the benefits of Sesame could help with brain anti-inflammatory so I took Sesamin every morning for 3 months. I went back to see Dr. for brain check up. The results showed reducing the radiation effect swollen area. My leg function is getting stronger. Currently, I continue to have my brain MRI checked up every 6 months and I do not have recurrent brain tumor. I still take Sesamin regularly and highly recommend this product to everyone"

~ Tom Wong

"The video is an interview patient named "Pui" who has Leukemia. She has chemotherapy and feel weak and also has high fever, so she stops taking chemotherapy. After stop taking chemotherapy, she takes Sesamin 2 capsules 3 times daily for 14 days and it shows health improvement. She has her bone marrow check up before and after taking the supplements. After taking supplements, the result shows that they could not find the cancer cells in her bone marrow.

~ Pui - Interview from ABT Channel, Thailand

  • For dietary supplement use:Take 2 capsules 2 times daily (morning, and evening), recommend to take it 30 minutes before meal.

    For therapeutic use: Take 2 capsules 3 times daily (morning, afternoon and evening), recommend to take it 30 minutes before meal.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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